One of the best things about being a professional digital marketer is helping and watching businesses grow because of the knowledge I've shared. Be part of the digital movement today and grow your online presence to a level you've never dreamed of.

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In my decades of experience working in digital marketing, I have helped countless amounts of businesses get their online presence built. It would be my pleasure to guide you from A to Z on getting your business set up. 



When I was a young teenager in the early 2000's, I was a bit of a nerd. I learned how to code websites the old fashion HTML way when I was just 16 in high school. I ran a Nintendo 64 website and also a popular forum website for a video game called "Perfect Dark". At the age of 16, I was excited to get paid almost $400 a month from running click ads on my pages.  Shortly after, I discovered Adobe Photoshop, and learned how to do graphic designs to impress my fellow peers. 

As the years went on, I started my own film production company in the mid 2000's, shooting short films and commercials. I learned how to do video editing on Final Cut Pro and also Adobe Premiere. I've created websites for these productions and premiered my work on my own platforms and also on Youtube. 

In 2014, I knew that there was a calling for me, and that was to move to the beautiful city of Los Angeles, where I can pursue a much more adventurous lifestyle and pursue my dreams of being an actor. That's when my digital marketing skills got to shine, as it was crucial to have great marketing to be successful as an actor in Los Angeles. I created my acting footprint on the internet with sites such as iMDB, Actor's Access, LA Casting, and more. Because of my marketing skills, I was able to land roles in networks such as Disney, ABC, Investigation Discovery, ESPN, and The Discovery Channel. I was in commercials for companies such as Intel, Kaiser Permanente, AT&T, and more. 

In 2017, I started my own headshot business and began shooting headshots for fellow actors. Using my digital marketing skills, I was able to gain recognition among agents, managers, and casting. Today, I gain most of my clients through word of mouth and digital marketing. 

Finally, fast forward to present day, I run a digital marketing agency that specializes in running paid ads. My agency helps small and large businesses run paid ads to build brand awareness, increase sales, drive visitors to their website, and more. We also help businesses design their website and get their digital footprint started. It is safe to say, in my 20-year history, I know a thing or two about digital marketing. And it will be my pleasure to help you get started.



I feel that knowledge is power. Growing up, I've realized that if I have had the proper mentor, I would have been able to get on my feet a lot faster and more successful. I had to learn everything the old fashion and hard way, through my own life experience and struggles to gain the knowledge I have today. I feel that it is now my calling to pass along this information for those who have the slightest clue on how to get their digital marketing footprint started.

It gives me satisfaction to be able to provide value for businesses.


To help you become successful in building your digital marketing footprint.

Many business owners today have the slightest clue on how to get started. You can Youtube as many videos online as you want, but you won't have everything organized in a full-blown course that will guide you from A to Z. 

I believe my knowledge will not only be valuable, but provide a sense of guidance in the complex world of digital marketing. I will be satisfied knowing that I was able to help you build your digital footprint in your journey.

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